Environmental policy

The Wilhelm Schmerbeck GmbH is committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Key objectives of their environmental policy include:

Continuous improvement of environmental performance

  • Continuous establishment, implementation, and review of environmental objectives
  • Ongoing reduction of energy and resource consumption, environmental impact
  • Strict compliance with all environmental protection laws and regulations
  • Prevention and minimization of environmental damage from accidents

Promotion of environmental awareness and sustainability

  • Positive influence on contractors and employees
  • Informing stakeholders about environmental policies and objectives

Concrete measures

  • Reviewing and optimizing processes to enhance energy efficiency
  • Preference for environmentally friendly materials and technologies
  • Continuous employee training on environmental issues
  • Collaboration with customers and suppliers for sustainable practices
  • Expansion of photovoltaic and renewable energy sources
  • Use of low-emission vehicles and efficient transport solutions

Overall, Wilhelm Schmerbeck GmbH aims for continuous improvement of its environmental performance and contributing to climate protection and sustainability.