Quality is important to us!

Quality policy

The satisfaction of our interested parties is the benchmark by which we are judged and which is the result of trust.

The primary goal of our company is to achieve a consistently high quality of our products and services.

Quality policy, a functioning quality management system, quality assurance and risk-based thinking and acting at all levels are the determining elements of corporate responsibility.

Long-term relationships with our partners are an important part of our company's philosophy. We have solid partnerships in the national and international market for many years.
With strict quality controls we regularly check whether our products meet our high quality requirements and those of our customers. Thus the success of the 
company as well as the jobs of our employees are secured.

Our certified management system is based on the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

All processes are transparent and clearly defined, changes will be documented immediately. All employees are required to familiarize themselves with the regulations, comply with them and implement them in their daily work.

The task of our management is to encourage the employees' quality awareness and to strengthen their motivation and satisfaction.
We attach great importance to the professional qualification of all employees, communication and team skills as well as social competence. We encourage continuing education and, in addition to qualitative aspects, we are increasingly focusing on raising employee awareness of environmental and health issues.

Every single person of our team contributes to the realization of our quality policy.

With support of an implemented key figure system, the product and process quality is being evaluated and checked at regular intervals. Thus, weaknesses can be identified and eliminated with the scope of continuous optimization and adaptation of the processes.

The equivalent target values are revised and redefined annually by the management.

The management further provides all necessary human and material resources to maintain and develop the management system.

Process orientation

Our quality management system is process orientated. It consists of individual interrelated processes. The implementation of these processes and the readiness to detect and introduce improvement opportunities constitute the core of this model. The processes, including their interdependency, have to be clearly defined and should be measurable by gathering data in means of achievement and development.The realization and effectivity of the processes has to be examined regularly.

Customer satisfaction

Overall aim of the integrated quality management system is the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction. This can only be achieved when customer requirements are being recognized, the processes for realization of products are clearly defined and the awareness of customer requirements is being promoted. The communication with our customers shall establish a friendly professional relationship as well as a long-term trustful cooperation. Altering requirements and trends can thus be recognized and analyzed at the right time. Customer satisfaction can only be realized by good relationships with appropriate contact people and their substitutes.

Quality assurance

In order to monitor the quality of our products we use various precise measuring instruments.

In 2009, we extended our quality assurance by acquiring a new 3 D-measuring machine.
The „De Meet 400“ by Schut Geometrical Metrology has optical as well as taktile sensors. Thus, we are able to meet our customers´ high quality requirements as well as our own demands.

All measuring instruments – starting from the basic slide gauge up to the 3 D - are connected to the EDP (electronic data processing).

The measuring results are being interpreted by corresponding CAQ-software.

3D-Coordinate measuring machine