Stamped and bent parts

example material stamped part

The optimal solution for different fields of appli-cation.

Our delivery programme ranges from stamped and stamped bent parts to fine stamped parts out of metallic or non-metallic materials up to a pressure output of 800 tons. The thickness of the material varies from 0,05 mm to 16 mm.

Either small or large production runs are possible.


Products stamped and bent parts

Articles out of steel, spring steel, brass, bronce, or stainless steel can be supplied heat-treated or surface coated.

We further deliver stamped parts with threads or other cutting processings,
also available as components – pressed, welded or riveted.

In addition, we offer, with regard to small production runs, laser- or water-jet cutting fasteners.Example stamped part

We are specialists for Bihlerparts up to a pressure force of 150 tons, stamped nuts as rectangle, square, rhombus, or trapezoid type.

We offer competitive prices at favourable tool charges.