New employee national sales


On 02.01.2024 Mrs. Cristina de Capitani joined our team. She will mainly work for 
the national sales department, but also support the export team if necessary. 

We look forward to gain new input from Mrs. de Capitani´s work experience 
and welcome her to our team. 


Customer Information Energy


Update 22.06.2023  

Since 01.01.2023, our energy surcharge has been fixed at 3.5% of the sales price and  has been calculated accordingly. Of course, we do our very best to pass on decreasing prices to you. 
Regarding a.m. energy costs, we were able to reduce the surcharge to 1.8% on average (depending on the additional external processing steps).    
For the conditions that apply to you cf. our current offers and order confirmations. 

Currently we are facing a challenging situation. We thank you for continuing to support us by sending us your inquiries and placing orders.  

As you will know, we are still confronted with rising costs in all sectors of the economy. These include in particular raw material, transport, packaging, and labour costs.  

We have tried to compensate these price increases as best as we can.  

Now we are confronted with steadily rising energy costs, both for us and for our external partners, such as in the area of surface and heat treatment.  

In order to continue to operate profitably, we will have to introduce an energy surcharge starting October 15, 2022. This surcharge will help us to compensate the enormous fluctuations in this sector, which were not yet foreseeable at the time of calculation.  

The surcharge will be due on the day of delivery.  

Of course, these additional costs will only be applied in case of exceptional price increases.  

We hope for your understanding and for continued good cooperation.  


New apprentice Celine Schmitz

Celine Schmitz

On 01.09.2022 we welcomed a new apprentice to our company.

Mrs Celine Schmitz from Neuenrade starts a 3 year training to become a merchant for wholesale and foreign trade management.

We welcome her cordially and wish her a good start and much success on her career.

Jubilee Mrs Schumacher & Schulte

Mrs Yvonne Feld, Mrs Schumacher und Mrs Schulte

On September 1st, 2022 two members of our staff celebrated their jubilee.

Ms Ursula Schumacher can look back on 40 years of experience in the export sector, and Ms Maike Schulte has been part of the Wilhelm Schmerbeck team for 20 years.

Management and staff congratulate the two colleagues on their jubilees, looking forward to many more years of good cooperation.

Customer Information Eastern Europe


The Corona pandemic has left deep scars on society and the economy. But even though people try to cope with the effects, things are getting worse.

Suddenly there is war in Europe. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the people and families affected.

Due to the current situation, we would like to inform you that we do not have any branch or production facility in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine. Also, we do not have any contractual obligations to suppliers from these countries.

It is currently impossible to estimate how severely our supply chain will be affected by the current situation. However, we are doing our best to keep this impact as low as possible.

We explicitly point out that our order confirmations are issued subject to a case of force majeure. In cases of force majeure, we shall be released from our obligation to deliver and perform for the duration and to the extent of the effect of the force majeure without any liability or regress obligation.

During the last few years we had to face enormous challenges, and there is still no prospect of an end.

Please stay healthy and confident.
Sincerely your Wilhelm Schmerbeck GmbH

Problems are there to be solved!

Lloyd's Register 25 years

We are delighted to have received the 25 year certification award from our partner Lloyd's Register this week.

A quarter of a century, many more years are to follow, in which we will convince you with our certified quality.

Many thanks also to the entire Schmerbeck team.

10th jubilee Patrick Schulte

10th jubilee Patrick Schulte

Also on 01.09.2021, Mr. Patrick Schulte can look back on 10 years in our company. He initially supported the national sales team and took over the leading position in 2019 as Mr. Bönner's successor. In the same year, he was given power of attorney. We very much appreciate Mr. Schulte´s commitment to the company. He is always interested in further training and new input for the business.

Colleagues also congratulate Mr Schulte on his 10th anniversary!

20th jubilee Jessica Brake

20th jubilee Jessica Brake

On 01.09.2021, Mrs. Jessica Brake celebrated her 20 th jubilee at the Wilhelm Schmerbeck company. She started her education in wholesale and foreign trade in 2001. Since passing her exams, Mrs. Brake has been working in the national sales team. This year she passed the trainer examination at the SIHK and will take over the supervision of our future trainees together with Mr. Schulte.

Management and colleagues congratulate Mrs. Brake and look forward to further good cooperation!

Apprenticeship for 2022


For many years, we have set ourselves the goal of supporting young people in their entry into professional life and therefore train successfully at regular intervals.

In order to meet our own requirements, Ms. Jessica Brake has successfully passed the trainer qualification examination at the SIHK Hagen.

She can now bring the acquired professional and work-pedagogical skills into the company and is looking forward to new trainees in the commercial area in the coming year.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship as a merchant for wholesale and foreign trade management, please contact us.

Your Wilhelm Schmerbeck Team

New Quality Management Representative

Christopher Steinhoff

Mr. Christopher Steinhoff will take over the position of our quality management representative Mr. Bückner on 01.06.2021.
He has joined our team on 03.05.2021. His experience and professional education will ensure that we can meet our customers´ requirements with regard to quality and service in the future.
Mr. Steinhoff has already worked in a leading position as QMR for several years.

We appreciate the fresh impetus given to our team and look forward to many years of good and successful collaboration!

Corona Virus Information

Covid News

With regard to numerous reports in connection with the Corona Virus, we would like to inform you that our business operations, although limited, will continue.
We have taken all reasonable measures that are within our control. As long as we have sufficient employees, our supply chain will remain stable.
Wherever possible, employees work at different locations or at different times. At present, our galvanic plants  and other service providers are not affected by closures.
However, we cannot seriously estimate how the situation will change and therefore cannot guarantee 100% our ability to deliver.
In case of delivery problems or other breadowns, we will do our very best to keep you informed.

Please stay well.

Change of the management 2021


On 01.04.2021, Ms. Barbara Feld has left the company
Wilhelm Schmerbeck GmbH as managing director.

After 28 years in the operational area, Mrs. Feld will continue to support
the company together with her husband, in an advisory function.

The management is now solely in the hands of Ms. Yvonne Feld, supported
by the authorized signatories Ursula Schumacher, Jens Löhnhardt and Patrick Schulte.