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Dear Sir or Madam,

Today we would like to give you an update on our customer information ‚Eastern Europe‘ dated March 10, 2022, as well as the general economic situation.

Currently we are facing a challenging situation. We thank you for continuing to support us by sending us your inquiries and placing orders.

As you will know, we are still confronted with rising costs in all sectors of the economy. These include in particular raw material, transport, packaging, and labour costs.

We have tried to compensate these price increases as best as we can.

Now we are confronted with steadily rising energy costs, both for us and for our external partners, such as in the area of surface and heat treatment.

In order to continue to operate profitably, we will have to introduce an energy surcharge starting October 15, 2022. This surcharge will help us to compensate the enormous fluctuations in this sector, which were not yet foreseeable at the time of calculation.

The surcharge will be due on the day of delivery.

Of course, these additional costs will only be applied in case of exceptional price increases.

We hope for your understanding and for continued good cooperation.

Best regards
Wilhelm Schmerbeck GmbH

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Fri, 09/23/2022 - 13:22