Jubilees Mr. Löhnhardt & Mrs Hammecke

On September 1st, Mr. Jens Löhnhardt can look back on 15 years which he spent working at our company.

After having completed his commercial education, he supported the national purchase team, especially Mr. Bönner, and after the retirement of Mr. Gerdes in 2009, he changed into the export team.

As graduate of computer sciences, Mr. Löhnhardt is further responsible for the complete IT sector.

Jubilee Jens Löhnhardt


Second celebratee of the year is Mrs Michaela Hammecke who has been member of the Wilhelm Schmerbeck team for 20 years on 01.08.2010. After having finished her apprenticeship in 1993, she joined the national purchase department where she is still working today.

Mon, 08/16/2010 - 11:52